Natural language processing is improving automated customer support

By Ravi N. Raj

CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, and CXOs alike are increasingly focused on creating customer experience (CX) that is more responsive, intelligent, versatile, and accurate. What’s proving a potent way to ensure a continual positive customer experience for your hard-won customers is to leverage automated conversational interfaces (chatbots) in your CX ecosystem.Consumers are increasingly using AI voice assistance devices (Amazon Echo and Google Home) and text-based communications apps (Facebook Messenger and Slack) to engage with companies and each other. Yet corporations, by and large, have not leveraged the full capabilities of conversational tools such as messaging platforms and voice assistants to make it easier to interact with customers and create a positive CX. And while many companies are exploring the use of chatbots, only four percent have successfully deployed them. Read more

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